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Thigh Lift in Columbus, OH

Do you have sagging skin on the inside or outside of your thighs that you would love to have tightened up? At DePerro Plastic Surgery, we offer a procedure called a thigh lift that can rejuvenate your thighs. We proudly offer this service to residents of Columbus, Dublin, Clintonville, Upper Arlington and the surrounding areas of Ohio, call and make an appointment with Dr. Michael DePerro to discuss what we can offer you.

What is a Thigh Lift?

A thigh lift is a procedure that removes redundant skin and fat from the thighs. As the skin loses its elasticity, it begins to sag. This can lead to rashes, problems with mobility, and difficulty finding clothes that fit properly. This usually occurs on the inner, or medial, thighs and can make it very difficult to find pants that fit.  Both men and women can suffer from this problem.  It is especially troublesome in patients who have lost a considerable amount of weight.  These patients find that as they get closer to their goal weight, they’re left with increasing amounts of loose skin that can restrict further progress in the gym.

What are the Benefits of a Thigh Lift?

The perks of a thigh lift include:

  • Reduced rashes
  • Tighter and shapelier legs
  • Increased mobility
  • Fitting into clothes more easily
  • Increased self-confidence

Who is a Candidate for a Thigh Lift?

Determining if you are an ideal candidate is simple.  If you have lost an excessive amount of weight and have sagging skin that exercise doesn’t resolve, then you may benefit from a thigh lift.  You should be in good health and understand the realistic outcomes of the surgery.  You also need to be free of any medical conditions that would interfere with the healing process.  You should also be a non-smoker.

How is a Thigh Lift Performed?

A thigh lift involves an incision on the inner portion of the upper thigh. This can be extended towards the groin or posteriorly if needed depending on your specific needs. Dr. DePerro will remove the excess skin and fat from this part of the thigh and create a more defined thigh region. If additional contouring is needed, Dr. DePerro may also recommend liposuction. At your initial consultation, you and Dr. DePerro will discuss the procedure in detail and he can look at any other troublesome areas that you might be interested in improving.

How Much Does a Thigh Lift Cost in Columbus, OH?

Each patient’s needs and goals are unique, and by scheduling a consultation with Dr. DePerro, you will find the most accurate answers on what procedure is best for you and how much it costs. Here at DePerro Plastic Surgery, we offer many ways of paying for your surgery. We offer CareCredit® financing and accept payment with cash, check, or major credit card.

DePerro Plastic Surgery offers personalized care for personalized results. Residents in or near Columbus and other areas in the state who are ready to make a positive change should take the next step in their lives. Don’t hesitate to contact us and set up your thigh lift consultation with Dr. Michael DePerro today!