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Otoplasty (Ear Surgery) in Columbus, OH

At DePerro Plastic Surgery, we offer otoplasty for those interested in ear surgery in Columbus, Dublin, Clintonville, Upper Arlington and the surrounding areas of Ohio.  Dr. Michael DePerro can offer information for your specific needs at a consultation in any of the above-mentioned cities.

What is Otoplasty?

Otoplasty is a procedure that helps to reposition the cartilage of the ear in order to give the ear a more natural appearance.  Often the ears protrude too far from the side of the head, and this can lead to teasing or increased self-consciousness.  An otoplasty will not effect your hearing, but it will improve your appearance especially when viewed from the back.

What are the Benefits of Otoplasty?

Ear surgery, also known as an otoplasty, is beneficial for those who may have issues with their ears being too far out from their head. The results of an otoplasty are visibly noticeable right after surgery and continue to improve as time goes on. The surgery is long-lasting so you won’t have to worry about the ears popping back out or repositioning themselves.

Who is a Candidate for Otoplasty?

Anyone who is healthy and has no untreated chronic ear infections is a good candidate for ear surgery. A candidate needs to be able to communicate their concerns or objections about the surgery. Candidates must also be non-smokers and be realistic in their expectations of what the surgery will hopefully accomplish.

How is Otoplasty Performed?

Otoplasty, or ear pinning, can be performed to reshape the cartilage and adjust the distance that the ears stick out relative to the head.  Patients often have one ear that appears more prominent than the other ear, so no two surgeries are the same.

How Much Does Otoplasty Cost in Columbus, OH?

The cost of an otoplasty varies depending on the size of the defect that needs corrected and the length of time it will take to repair. At your consultation with Dr. DePerro, he will discuss the final costs of the procedure. CareCredit® financing is also a viable payment option.

DePerro Plastic Surgery offers personalized care for personalized results. Residents in or near Columbus and other areas in the state, who are ready to make a positive change should take the next step in their lives. Don’t hesitate to contact us and set up your otoplasty consultation with Dr. Michael DePerro today!