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Brachioplasty (Arm Lift) in Columbus, OH

Many people feel the nuisance of sagging skin under their arms and the irritation from it rubbing against their clothing and sides. At DePerro Plastic Surgery, we offer an arm lift, also known as a brachioplasty, to reduce this excess skin. Call and make an appointment with Dr. Michael DePerro to discuss what we can offer you and come visit our office that proudly serves the residents of Columbus, Dublin, Clintonville, Upper Arlington and the surrounding areas of Ohio.

What is Brachioplasty?

An arm lift, or brachioplasty, is a procedure to address “flabby underarms.”  As the skin in the underarm area loses its elasticity, it begins to sag.  This is often seen in patients as they age and especially in those that have lost a considerable amount of weight. Patients find that the amount of loose, redundant skin will actually increase as they lose additional weight.  This can lead to rashes and problems finding shirts with sleeves that fit properly.

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What are the Benefits of Brachioplasty?

There are several benefits to having a brachioplasty performed on your sagging skin, such as:

  • Smoother skin and with more contour
  • Proportions of the upper and lower body balancing out more
  • Improved tone and shape of the arms
  • Arms that are free of the excess fat and extra skin
  • Ability to wear sleeveless shirts without feeling self-conscience
  • No more rashes or skin irritations from the extra skin rubbing all day
  • Renewed self-confidence

Who is a Candidate for Brachioplasty?

A brachioplasty is a viable option for those who are in good health, have realistic expectations of the results of the surgery, and suffer from excessive loose and sagging skin due to age or weight loss. Schedule a consultation with Dr. DePerro to learn more about an arm lift and to see how personalized care leads to personalized results.

How is Brachioplasty Performed?

Through well-hidden incisions on the inner portion of the arm, Dr. DePerro is able to remove excess skin and fat from the upper arm and elbow area. This enables him to create a more toned arm with a much more youthful contour. If necessary, liposuction can thin out the arms even further. Patients will normally be asked to wear a compression garment for the first few weeks after surgery. This helps reduce swelling and improves the final contour of the arms. Depending on the demands of your job, you may be able to return to work in as little as 7 to 10 days after surgery. Schedule a consultation with Dr. DePerro to learn more about an arm lift and to see how personalized care leads to personalized results.

How Much Does Brachioplasty Cost in Columbus, OH?

Brachioplasty varies depending on the person’s wants and needs. Dr. DePerro will discuss the exact procedure that is right for you and its cost.  We offer special financing through CareCredit® and also accept cash, check, and all major credit cards.

DePerro Plastic Surgery offers personalized care for personalized results. Residents in or near Columbus and the surrounding areas who are ready to make a positive change should take the next step. Don’t hesitate to contact us and set up your brachioplasty consultation with Dr. Michael DePerro today!