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Facelift in Columbus, OH

With age comes fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin on the face, but with Dr. Michael DePerro’s help, you can achieve a more youthful and restful face through a facelift.  DePerro Plastic Surgery offers facelifts to residents in Columbus, Dublin, Clintonville, Upper Arlington and the surrounding areas of Ohio.  If you are ready to revive your face, schedule a consultation today with DePerro Plastic Surgery!

What is a Facelift?

A facelift is a procedure that helps return the appearance of the face to a more youthful and well-rested version of yourself. As the never-ending effects of time and gravity act on the face, the facial muscles slowly lose their tone, and the skin begins to sag. These effects can make you appear sad or tired. A well-done facelift should subtly restore the position of the muscles and skin of the face without making the person look “plastic” or “fake.”

What are the Benefits of a Facelift?

Dr. DePerro’s philosophy is that the best facelifts are the ones that cause people to wonder if you “had some work done” but they can’t really put their finger on exactly what it may have been.  He would love to speak with you in greater detail to learn what your concerns and desires are for a more rejuvenated appearance. We look forward to hearing from you so that we can provide personalized care for personalized results.

Who is a Candidate for a Facelift?

Individuals interested in pursuing a facelift should be healthy, non-smokers, and able to heal properly after the procedure is complete.  Individuals should also understand the risks involved and have realistic expectations of the results after the procedure is finished.

How is a Facelift Performed?

Facelifts are performed under general anesthesia. Placement of incisions will be discussed at the time of your consultation with Dr. DePerro. Through properly placed incisions, the skin is tightened and smoothed back.  A consultation will give you the most accurate information on what your specific facelift would require and the results you can expect from the procedure.

How Much Does a Facelift Cost in Columbus, OH?

Predicting the cost of a facelift may vary depending on the type of incision you and Dr. DePerro decide on.  At DePerro Plastic Surgery, we accept payment by major credit card, check, or cash.  We also offer special financing through CareCredit® in our office.

DePerro Plastic Surgery offers personalized care for personalized results. Residents in or near Columbus and other areas in the state who are ready to make a positive change should take the next step in their lives. Don’t hesitate to contact us and set up your facelift consultation with Dr. Michael DePerro today!